Reducing Health Care Costs

Delay, Deny, Don’t Pay

Insurance companies should be punished for not fulfilling their obligations. Mainers have paid their insurance policies for years and now when it’s time to collect, insurance companies delay, deny, and don’t pay up. This prevents Mainers from getting the care they deserve, and we need laws to punish insurance companies who do not act in good faith.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Drug companies are in the business of profits and not in the business of health. Drug companies play a game designed to make profits. They cut deals with insurance companies forcing people to pay higher copays for trade name drugs or, force people into generic prescriptions. This decision should be one made by individuals and their doctors and we need to make that the law in Maine.

Certificate of Need

Access to healthcare is an important issue for Mainers. Certificate of Need requirements in Maine prevent increased access to care.

Respect individual rights.

Healthcare decisions should be between individuals and their doctors.

Medical freedom and right to choose.

Healthcare decisions should be between individuals and their doctors.

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